Afraid to Open Up Yet You Really Need Help?

Are you frustrated with all of the conflicts in your life? Do you find yourself procrastinating, or perhaps feeling unhappy with your current life situation?
Do you look at the pictures others share on social media of their thriving lives and wonder, “Will I ever have a happy and healthy life?”

With The Happily Inspired Club

you can achieve all of your life goals.


Being Happily Inspired should be easy.

After all, that’s what the therapist tells you when you visit for the first time. I am glad you are here. Remember great things never came from comfort zones.


When you get out of your therapy session feeling empowered, you arrive at home and start feeling fearful and weak that the pain cycle will begin again. You may be struggling with your inner-critic and feel more mediocre or frail. You try to work your way out of it, but it never seems to do any good… until the next session. Hit repeat.
If you’ve ever struggled with self-sabotage in your life, here’s what I want you to know. You are not alone in these feelings, and the reason you feel this way is not because you are cursed or unfit for this world.

...It’s because you are not part of a supportive community. 

I know you’re likely trying to find help or you wouldn't have found The Happily Inspired Club

I bet you’ve tried:

      •           🧑‍🤝‍🧑  Different online groups
        •           📚  Reading countless self-help books
        •           🖥️ Watching YouTube videos
        •           📱 Subscribing to channels
        •           🤔 Practicing a hundred different techniques to feel better.
        • BUT, you haven’t been able to create happy habits that stick,
      • let alone find those unforgettable moments people share on Instagram!
      • First, falling in love with your own self is tricky. Discovering your own false beliefs is a journey.  Next, and more importantly, there is a TON of information shared on YouTube, online, and in books.
      • The truth is…
        Most of that information is correct BUT ONLY works if applied in your life. Slim chances of that happening!  You have to do a TON of self-discovery to find the appropriate way to tame your inner-critic. Honestly, all of this “figuring out” can be frustrating, lonely, and let’s not forget, expensive.  After all, those self-help books cost money, and each time you finish reading them, the next stop will be at the Goodwill donation bin. It is no surprise you’ve started to believe you have to live in your comfort zone, forever existing rather than living and thriving!Here’s what you need to know…

You Have the Right to Thrive and Succeed!

That’s right.
You deserve to live and feel free instead of simply existing.
You owe it to yourself to explore YOU and to discover a more peaceful person inside and with others.

When you join any support community out there, you can vent, but you don’t feel accountable to change. You are liable to keep feeling like your own worst enemy when you can’t get out of your own head.

The Solution?

You need an inviting, safe, and positive community where you can get answers to your emotional health questions. You need a place where you are responsible for your present moment and accountable for your future. This place should have a practical knowledge base with methods that work where you can gain the discipline to apply them and start moving towards success. This community should have a hypnotherapist walking along with you, giving you personalized (yes, personalized!) advice about how to embrace change and life’s uncertainties.
You need a place where you will feel RELIEVED!

Get All of this and MORE when you JOIN…

The Happily Inspired Club

It’s Like Having A Personal Life Coach for A Successful Life!

Created after countless hours of research and many satisfied people in my practice, The Happily Inspired Club is a robust  support group for all of your emotional downfalls. For example:
If you get caught up in feeling sorry for yourself, the internal chatter that focuses on your misery and failures will go on and on no matter how much you want it to STOP!
          😨 If you feel job searching is terrifying, you hate your current job, and you think you deserve better.
          🙇‍♀️ If you need help getting through tough times and need motivation to live a more fulfilled life.
          👎 If you feel like the victim, and people are afraid to approach you because of the drama, or you’re ready for change.
          ⏰If you feel like you need to finally wake up after an emotional extended nap. Thanks for the wake up call!

The Happily Inspired Club Is the ONLY Group You’ll Ever Need to Join!

Because it goes far beyond a self-help book ever can with its mix of personalized coaching calls, lessons, and PDFs to guide you to that deserving path of a fulfilled life.
It dives deep into powerful advice, cutting through the voices in your head.
It gives you access to an amazing supportive community of fierce warriors capable of creating a life they didn’t know was possible. Connecting with and supporting the community is how you will change the way you see life completely.
 Plus… if you feel as if all is out of control and especially out of YOUR control, you’ll realize that you have the power you didn’t know you had! 

"Virtual Confetti and Cheers to YOU!”

And BEST of all, The Happily Inspired Club gives you 1:1 direct access to me in the platform where you are free to ask anything.

"The journey towards self-acceptance is essential and
you shouldn’t walk alone!"

Yes, when you join The Happily Inspired Club you can and will happily say bye-bye to personal shame, loneliness, and negative self-talk that did more harm than you may realize. It’s time for you to change your entire life and break free from the boundaries of your past, to identify your deep-seeded issues and transform them.

Here’s What You’ll Accomplish When You Join The Happily Inspired Club

    •           ❤️ Gain self-knowledge without shame or guilt
      •           ❤️ Identify and establish where you are in your journey
      •           ❤️ Enrich your life no matter what your circumstances may be
      •           ❤️ Dedicate time and energy to nourish your mind, body and spirit
      •           ❤️ Start by identifying your false beliefs, as well as balancing your life
      •           ❤️ Learn how to manage the daily toxic stress. Let go of your anxiety and discover your happiness
    • The Importance of Self-Care
      Once you feel balanced knowing how to properly breathe, focus, feel calm and relaxed, it is time to master one of the most challenging parts of well-being: self-care.

      Here you will learn how to apply self-care the right way.
      Hint: It’s NOT just going to the gym!
      Also, you’ll learn to make empowering changes in your personal-life and in the time you commit to your work-life.
      PLUS, you’ll also learn how to make improvements in all aspects of your life, including relationships with family and friends.

      Continuing the Happily Inspired Path
      Once you know how to be completely balanced, it’s time for you to continue thriving. You’ll do this by applying the techniques you are learning, asking questions, and enjoying the community.
      You’ll also learn the many aspects and importance of “self-care” and how to create achievable goals. Being Happily Inspired makes you gain inner peace and relaxation that is no longer a part of a self-help book. You’ll have the empowerment and support you need so you can practice the exercises, share with the community, and take charge of your life the way you want!
    • The Happily Inspired Club Is Perfect for You if:
                You’re ready to change your life and have no idea how to start.
                ✔ You have been telling lies to yourself your entire life and don’t know how to overcome them.
                You want to feel empowered to follow your dreams and live your ultimate life, but don’t know how to achieve it.
                You’ve been trying to take control of your destiny but you’re struggling.
                You want your life to be transformed into the best version of you and need a supportive community of personal cheerleaders who aren’t                    afraid to share their own struggles to help you overcome yours.
                You’ve been having a hard time and you need a change in your life.
                You know that you are in control of your own life but you need guidance and direction to find your true purpose.
                You want to have the confidence to be motivating and inspiring to help others that are walking along with you in the same path
                You’ve had a rough childhood that still haunts you to this day.
                You still have the right to remake yourself, to forgive the past experiences and transform them into love and compassion, to change your                  habits and be reborn as a NEW YOU.
                You are waiting for your WAKE UP call and this is it.

Ready to End the Struggle and Experience
A Complete Life Makeover?

Here’s what you get when you click the AMAZING button below:

An Amazing Supportive Community

It’s well known that the benefits of a support group are amazingly comforting, especially for the opportunity to offer and receive emotional and moral support among the members. We will have the opportunity to share practical advice and tips to help each other cope with our personal life, feeling less lonely, isolated or judged, making it a total positive and vibrant group!

One Monthly Community Q&A

I will invite two members of our club to share their emotional challenges and will show them how to solve their situation. The dates will be announced in advance and you will have the opportunity to ask questions (you can revisit the videos at any time).

The Happily Inspired Workbook

I will be giving you a monthly workbook with exercises, practical information and tips to experience joy, peace, passion, and excitement.

A TOTAL VALUE OF $954.97 but you pay ONLY $27/Month

"Monica has opened my mind in a way that transforms my thoughts and actions, helping me immensely. Suffering from anxiety and being very stuck, this “treasure chest of knowledge” therapist has revealed my blocks, fear, grief and created a solid plan on paper that addresses all of these issues. I have schedule and plan full of motivation, inspiration and hope. I’m so grateful for her brilliance, time and guidance."
Elizabeth Diaz

"My sessions with Monica have completely gotten my life back on track. I rediscovered something so beautiful within myself that I had lost and new power and happiness that I never imagined. The best of me is yet to come thanks to her talents."
Kimberly Cruz

Monica  helped me tremendously when I was struggling to get a handle on a problem in my personal life. I was shocked to realize what I was dealing with had nothing to do with the situation at hand, rather a pattern of behavior and feelings that had I was reliving and responding to from my childhood. Being able to relive those critical moments and rewrite those memories in my subconscious was life changing- it’s the only way I can describe it.
Jennifer Ames

So… Who’s Monica?

That’s me! Hi! I’m Monica Obando.
I have run a successful Hypnotherapy and Wellness practice for over 5 years where I have helped hundreds of people “like you” to successfully live a happily inspired life. I can teach you how to manage your emotions and raise your self-esteem.   You are not alone.
With my unique perspective on modern life, I can help you find the solutions to your spiritual, emotional, and environmental needs for our present world. Sometimes it’s complicated I know, but that is why I am here. It's because I truly believe your Wellness comes first. I am here to help you better understand the world around you! ❤️
No matter your age or station in life, we all have struggles and deal with many of the same day to day issues. You are not alone, and I am here to help ❤️
You can live a SUCCESSFUL and PROSPEROUS life.
Let me show you how

A TOTAL VALUE OF $954.97 but you pay ONLY $27/Month